Drive through Potty

I live in a small town like most of Americans. Our bank drive through is extremely annoying. It’s set up in a way that if you pull in to line and then someone pulls behind you you are trapped in line. We also have a rule (now we do but didn’t when this happened) about going out on the first on the month.

In this town we do not go out to local stores and shops on the first through the fifth unless it’s life or death. It has to be something major to make us venture out, examples, we have no toilet paper, milk, water, sanitary napkins, etc. I’m not getting into why banks and stores are insane during this time. It is what it is.

So, throwback to my middle child being three or so and being potty trained. It was a nightmare. To say she resisted this was like saying a cat resisted water. One day, forgetting it was the first of the month, I had to go cash a check at our local bank and sitting in line I found myself wondering when was the last time we attempted a potty break. I looked back at her, cute as a button in her car seat, and thought, “we are good. She’s fine.” I saw a car slide in behind me and thought, “we are fine. This shouldn’t take long.”

This correlated with her sweet toddler voice chiming in, “I gotta go pee.” I assured her that she could hold it and stated we couldn’t leave right then. Minutes pass, the line doesn’t move, she states again, “I need potty.” I, once again, assure her all is well and she can hold it for just a minute. Time ticks by, seconds last minutes, minutes last hours (all in all it was maybe three minutes but if you have ever potty trained a kid you know time is actually of the essence.) She is crying at this point and sobs, “I’m gonna pee myself.”

I unbuckled myself, get out, in the line of cars, go around to her side of the vehicle, get her out, pull pants down, do a quick check to make sure that I’m right in the fact that there are indeed three cars full of people about to see her naked butt, and I bend her over. Here is the thing, SHE TAKES A MASSIVE DUMP. In the bank parking lot my sweet as sugar toddler leaves a pile similar to that of a baby elephant.

I stood there in shock holding a naked child over this pile of waste thinking, “what happens next?” Keep in mind the line at the bank still hadn’t moved not one inch. I wipe her butt with a baby wipe. I pull up her pants and stick her in the car seat. Buckles are all buckled. I do not look back at that ever growing line of people in cars watching. I get back in my vehicle and continue with my day.


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  1. Robyn J says:

    Lmao i can so see this happening!!!


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