So, in case you’re reading this you may need to know I’m real.  I’m going to post real things….take a moment….yeah. I’m not gonna write things that aren’t real. I may even, gasp!, I may even have some typos!  Yikes!  Wow, right?

Who does that anymore?  I’ve noticed nine year olds using filters on fb and people edited to the point of looking more like a ghost than a human. I also see people post about how much they love their boyfriend or husband after yesterday’s rant about how he cheated. Yeah, so this is a break from that. This is just my funny stories, ideas, thoughts.  Maybe you’ve had similar thoughts and you’re thinking you’re the only one.  Maybe you’re tired of my long bloggish Facebook posts and this gives you an excuse to unfriend me on Facebook (In that case I’m sorry to see you go but I probably won’t notice).

See, I’m a little too honest.  “Quirky” is what I’ve been called.  I don’t make friends easily bc of it. My filter isn’t on right.  But in reality wouldn’t you rather know someone that you can trust to tell you when you have something hanging from your nose?

So all of these stories will be real. Really.


Now  here here is a picture of me saving a small child from a velociraptor.




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