Throwback Thursday Story-time 


On Thursdays I’ll be posting a story from the past. 

When my middle child was three, the youngest child then, her birthday gift was this 60$ Baby Alive doll. Maybe you have seen them. It was large and bulky and weighed about five pounds (and frankly it was pretty hideous). You feed, change, and water this large doll. It’s mouth moves and it speaks, creepy as all get out. 

Drew had never been that interested in babies or baby dolls or anything that was even remotely empathetic. I’m not even sure why that was her gift that year. She loved squishy animals, you know the ones, three bucks and they smell kinda like cancer. We had all our local Walmart offered, lizards, snakes, frogs, you name it. I had a friend that got her a bag of those three dollar squishy animals for her birthday. Drew may have peed a little when she opened the bag of squishy animals. 

Anyway, Drew received this expensive doll for her birthday. I placed it on a towel on the table and mixed up the “food” and gave it to Drew to “feed” the doll. The doll said things like, “I’m hungry momma, feed me” or, “I’m thirsty momma”. Drew acted so tired after thirty seconds of working the spoon into the dolls mouth and giving it squirts of water with its bottle. She’d roll her eyes when the doll spoke and sigh deeply as though this doll was driving her insane. 
Finally the doll said, “I love you momma”. THAT WAS IT! Unconditional love from a robot baby was all she could take! Drew used her tiny little arm and wiped the baby and all of its accessories into the floor. It made a huge noise and she looked down at the doll and said, “I not you momma baby” and she looked at me and said, “take that away, it needs me too much” and she slid off the chair and walked away. 

Her brother, 15 months older, took care of the baby alive from that point on. 


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