Lennon at Lego kidsfest

On this blog I’m calling my son Lennon. For reasons unknown to me he has specifically asked that I not use his real name. Lennon is his middle name. This account is linked to my Facebook which is full of people that know him and his real name. However I respect that he thinks no one can track him to me and me to this and that to that. His thought is totally insane and unrealistic but I respect that right now, at thirteen, it makes him feel better and I won’t go against his wishes. He keeps reminding me that the mom on the “Wimpy kids” movies did a blog and it didn’t end well. Those movies were hilarious but I have to admit I fell asleep once or twice and may have not seen the mom-that-blogs parts.

At thirteen he has these questions that sometimes I dismiss almost immediately and discourage him from ever asking again. Things that make me mutter, “hmmmm”, a signal that maybe he should not mention that if he ever wants to be an adult. Like, maybe if he ever wants to be taken seriously he shouldn’t say what he just said out loud ever again.

Then there are the questions that hours later I’m still sitting there with my head to the side wondering if he’s right. He mentioned that maybe trees could communicate with each other and the ones we take care of are producing oxygen but what if there are others that aren’t bc they know we want them to be removed. I say, “that’s silly.” But then hours later I’m sitting here thinking, but, but, what if? He says, “what if it’s like that Dr Who…” And he goes into this long explanation of how trees could possibly be beings of some sort and I’m sitting here thinking maybe I need to get out more and maybe he needs to get out more and maybe we need to watch less Dr Who. Maybe we do need interaction with people and stuff.

Or maybe we should watch that episode again so when a tree talks to me I don’t offend it. I’d hate to offend a tree.

Anyway, somehow Lennon thinks we are unnoticed on social media and that if I change his name no one will ever know who he is. So for those of you who really know me in real life that is why his name is Lennon for the sake of my blog.

However he agreed to let me use pictures…which is hilarious.



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