Jelly, Sibling-Cousins, the day Knuffle drowned and the Death of a turtle.


If you have kids there is this author, Mo Willems, he writes “knuffle bunny”, “naked mole rat”, and “don’t let the pigeon drive the bus” to name a few. They are hilarious and worth the read even if you don’t have kids. I love children’s books. I love almost anything that is well written. Story was given a bunny similar to the bunny depicted in the books about Knuffle Bunny her very first Christmas by my aunt, her great aunt. She was five months old. The bunny is made by Rucy company and its full of flax seed, or was, more on that later. The bunny is made with a wooden button to diffuse oils on and you can place it in the microwave or freezer and use it as a heating or cooling device. This bunny is Story’s “lovey” or comfort item. We do not go to bed, vacation, or church without Knuffle. Most of the time Knuffle stays in the car but she’s still there. Today Knuffle drowned.


My cousin Blake and I grew up living side by side. My aunt worked and my mom stayed home with me and Blake stayed with us if my aunt needed a sitter. Blake and I grew up like brother and sister in so many ways. We spent nights together when my folks needed a night alone. Blake and I fought a lot, played a lot, and mostly tested our parents last nerves. Fast forward to now and we get along well. Our kids play well together (oddly enough they act like siblings) and we’ll be neighbors (again) as soon as Blake and his wife, Chasity get a house in the works. Blake and his wife have been working on their land and today we decided to combine forces and pick all the blackberries on our properties and make all the jelly we could make.

Did I mention we have five kids between the two of us?

Did I mention it was just me and him totally outnumbered?

Did I mention it was well into the nineties today in southeastern KY?

Did I mention this year is the best year for berries and there is more than we can pick and process?

We began around noon. By the time he got there I’d already done one batch of jelly of my own. When he showed he already had enough for another batch. By the time we did that batch it was so hot that we lay down on the couch and talked about jobs, church, kids, people we know, money, houses, land….you name it. We talked about it. Our two smallest kids were playing on the back porch with our pet turtle and our two oldest were playing something on iPads. My middle one was mostly hiding in her room and pretending no one existed except her and the strangers on animal jam.

This is where we forget the poor turtle and it died of what I can only assume was heat stroke of some kind. We waited for it to revive on its own bc none of us knew how to do turtle CPR. It was unsuccessful at reviving. DOA. The kids acted as if it was nothing. I was kinda impressed that they were not really upset.

We decided to pick berries once the sun was off the property. We doused ourselves with Terrashield repellant blend and went to get all the fruit we could. Our two youngest tried to follow us into the briars which did not go well. We picked enough berries to make another batch and a half. We were always within earshot of our kids bc his property faces ours. Btw, Terrashield is serious stuff, we saw one tick the whole time. This oils works so well and is so safe I spray it in my hair and on my sensitive skin without any worry. Y’all need that.

During this time our two youngest kids decided that Knuffle bunny was a swim toy. Keep in mind that Knuffle is made of flax seed. In other words, Knuffle doesn’t know how to swim and she drowned. Once again Story took this in stride and didn’t even mention it to me when Blake and I got inside.

We made another batch and one jar burst and we mourned that loss while testing batches for deliciousness on some gluten free shortbread. You know, just to be sure it was fabulous. We added up how much organic jelly was worth. We did math to figure out how much we had in each jar and how much we’d charge if we were to sell it. (Listen, if we added our time in that jelly is gonna cost 10$ a jar. I don’t think you’re ready for that jelly). We applied some oil to aches and pains bc we aren’t teenagers anymore and I’ve got a slippery disk in my back and he’s got a trick knee. We were so tired we got a little slap happy. Then they went home after eight hours of work and play.

I don’t think we were ready for this (much) jelly!


Apparently Story’s reality set in. Her turtle was dead and her Knuffle had drowned.
The day had clearly been so stimulating she’d forgotten any and all negativity until her cousins left. Sobs, choking sobs, grief moans of anguish. Knuffle was dead.
So, to all you moms out there who may have a similar toy. The only way to save such a creature is surgery. Knuffles entire insides had to be removed while Story looked on and screamed screams of woe. All the while crying about how “that turtle was her best friend.” And how she, “needs to visit the turtle in a grave garden.” And, “PLEASE DON’T BURY MY KNUFFLE!”

Devastation as she looks on helplessly.
Tragedy as flax seed continues to pour out of her lifeless body.

In reality I think Knuffle can be saved, the turtle and that one jar of jelly, not so much.
(The oils used today were lemon and wild orange, in the actually jelly.
Birch and deep blue all over all the old people parts.
Purify to help cleanse ourselves of other plants that leave oil on your skin that can cause an uncomfortable reaction.
Terrashield blend to repel ticks and other nasty blood suckers.
And serenity and console blend to help my little one sleep after getting herself so worked up.)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlene Mason says:

    Well,that was a whole lot of life lessons for one day. Them kids are making memories that will last a lifetime. How is Knuffle doing today, did his surgery to replace his flax seed go OK? Sorry for the turtle. Actually I’m sorry for any animal that Chesnee and Story decide to play with. Add that to a long list of newts, worms and frogs that have met their demise at Chesnee’s hand.


  2. Jeanette Yonts says:

    She called me last night wondering if I had any flax seed and I could hear STory in the background sobbing her little heart out. I took her some flax seed today so Knuffle should be good as new by tonight.


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