A Meal Fit For a Monster

Once upon a time…..

My son Lennon, used to ask me what sounds this or that animal made, where did they live, what did they eat. He was a curious child and loved to learn all he could learn. One day we were in the car on our way home and he was asking question after question.

Lennon, “Momma, what do donkeys eat?”
Me, “grass and hay”
Lennon, “Momma, what do birds eat?”
Me, “bugs and worms”
Lennon, “what do monsters eat?”
Me, “mean little boys that don’t obey their mommas.”

This was out of my mouth before I thought of repercussion and his bright blue eyes grew huge but he never said anything about it and continued on with his questions.

Fast forward ten years, give or take, and I heard my youngest asking Lennon those same questions. They were in his bedroom and I peeked around the corner. He rattled off what this animal said and where this one lived and then she asked the same question, “what do monsters eat?” His response was immediate, “little girls that don’t obey their mommas”. She gasped and he said, “it’s true.” Both of them, eight years of age between them, eyes wide, looking so serious. Later I asked him where he heard that monsters ate kids and he said, “You told me that when I was a little kid!”

Honestly, I think I’ve taught him how to be a pretty good parent.


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