The Schedule


Here is the breakdown:

-Summer starts. I have plans. Art day, trips, movie day, room cleaning day, pool days, hiking, picnics. We make a list on a chalkboard. We make plans. We are excited.

-We start staying up late watching Dr who and reading Harry Potter. We begin sleeping later and later. I still get up early and go run or workout then come home and work in the yard for an hour or so until the youngest wakes, then the middle child and most of the time I send the youngest to wake the oldest. Sometimes I go into his room and yell, “ITS NOON THIRTY! GET UP!” To which he groans and goes back to sleep.

-Has it been a week already? Really? Since school was out? We just got through with school.

-We visit grandparents, we nap when we wanna, we go to Lego kids fest, we goof off a lot.

-We swim. We play. We read. I work a lot. I mow and weed and cut branches. They play a lot of games. We pick berries. We eat too much watermelon.

-Its the Fourth of July? Huh? Are you sure? Just yesterday school went out and we had forever until school starts.

-Is this the third? Is it a Wednesday? Or a Sunday? It’s the seventh, right?

-Family visits, we go to the lake with friends, it’s roughly a billion degrees, Story does dance camp, all three kids get glasses.

-BOOM. We start seeing back to school ads. I groan inwardly. Days go by….
We go shopping and I see school supplies. I groan outwardly. At this point it’s more about the money of getting supplies vs using that money for that one road trip we wanted to go on before school started.

-The next week I groan about the stress of finding a day suitable to take each child out alone for shopping. Through trial and error we’ve found this is the easiest way. The smallest child stays home with someone and either I or their granny take them. It costs a bloody fortune.

-Then I look at my planner and see sheer chaos. The road trip is cancelled, obviously, and now we’ll be lucky to get everything done in time. Oh! And orientation is always scheduled on a day we already had planned on doing something super fun and we can’t do it now.

-One child always has an unattainable item. Last year it was Chuck Taylor’s. Lennon wanted Chuck Taylor’s. Did I mention his feet are extra wide? After searching we did find some only to discover the ones wide enough were basically clown shoes and he did change his mind.

-We always have items we cannot find and we substitute something else and that usually doesn’t work out well. Last year it was one inch three ring binders. We bought Drew ones with puppies on the front instead of plain with a plastic slip to put a picture on. Disaster. Crisis. Drama. Tears were shed. It’s a long story and none of it fun.

-Somehow we afford supplies. We scrape by with (most) bills paid and (some) groceries and I have major anxiety about it.

-Then the routine. Waking up early. Taking kids to drop off and then to the gym, day in and day out. Two weeks in we hit our stride and begin to get back into the flow of things. At least one kid throws me a curve ball, a couple extra circulars and two inches of paper work to fill out (seriously? Kids been out of school for less than three months. Nothing has changed) but we get into the schedule. We begin our oil regimen for immune support and to support brain function, etc.

-Holidays? Already? How?

-After thanksgiving our lives are complete havoc. Work, days off, parties, more money for this or that, one kid has three parties and a dance, one kid has the sniffles and needs a haircut.

-January, snow days. Sleep, sledding, coco, movies, fireplaces….let me just insert today was 4,079% humidity and around the temperature of Mordor so right now, today, for about seven minutes I thought about how winter has a few perks.

-March and we say, “It’ll be summer soon and we’ll…..”, “Let’s make that summer list of things to do!”, “let’s do the road trip we meant to do last year!”

-The last six weeks of the school year are insane. Testing, stress, we are so tired of that schedule that was comforting in September. I wanna be done. They wanna be done. The teachers wanna be done. Everyone is like a grouchy, sore cat that someone placed in a box. But we are all in the box together and we are all male cats that hate each other and we all have the mange….and fleas….

-Aaaaaannnnnd, SUMMER. I have plans….



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