Life Skills

Some things I’ve learned the hard way.


Fantasia. Holes. And Devastation.

Ya ever met someone who feels a little too deeply? Someone who thinks a little too much?
That is my son.

Just One More Time

My little lovey isn’t so little anymore and my normal coping mechanism is to get another cat but they already outnumber us. Yikes! I think I may have to deal with this like a person. YIKES!

Writing Anxiety

People say, “Just sit down and write.” It’s not that easy.

Sugar, Oh, Honey, Honey!

This title pic is from April 2016 and is the lowest I’ve ever tested. It’s insane I was still functioning at all at that point.

Honest Resume

What if we all wrote honest resumes? This would be mine.

List of Happy

I’m sick of the negative today so here is a little list of happy.

Beauty and the Beastly Belly

I’ve always been that mom that allows nudity with my children up to a certain age point. I believe if you make something dirty it will be dirty. My older two kids are 15 months apart and a boy and a girl. Until about six or seven they bathed together and played naked without even…

The Breast I could Do

Once Upon A Time….   As a teen and early twenties girl I did not want children. I preferred cats. They were warm and fuzzy. They could be left alone for a few days. They didn’t require constant attention and let’s face it, they are easier than kids. When I found out I was pregnant…