List of Happy

Today I assault your mind with positives bc there simply aren’t enough positive assaults in life. Imagine me as a positivity ninja.

The beach.
I mean, who doesn’t love the beach? If you said, “me” just now go ahead and slap yourself bc you are insane and wrong.

It’s black magic. Sorcery. Witchcraft. Whatever, it’s good.

Shaved ice.
In the summer. When it’s miserable hot and they have the fresh berries and the cream……drool. Bonus points if it’s triple digit hot.


They are pants. Soft, comfy, stretchy pants that you can do squats, roundhouse kicks, and Netflix marathons in. Patterns, solids, yoga waist, elastic waist, whatever.


Clean sheets.
As a woman I can tell you clean sheets are even better with freshly shaven legs. It’s like you can feel the whole universe in your bed.

That first time in the fall when you turn on the fireplace.
Oh man, this one, it’s in our caveman genes to enjoy fire. It’s really any time the fireplace comes on. I didn’t get this until we had a fireplace. It’s not even a real fire fire one but I really enjoy having that in the winter.

That first snow.
School is cancelled. The quiet is unbelievable. Everyone gets to sleep in. I am aware by the time the time the last snow falls it’s not quiet or peaceful or enjoyable and I hate everyone by that time and I wish I lived near the equator. But that first one each year….magic.

Speaking of sleeping in….sleep.
Shudder, sleep. Naps, dozes, resting of the eyes, deep death snoozes, whatever. Sleep is amazing.

You can say dogs here too for you dog people but for me it’s always gonna be cats. They sit on your cold as shaved ice feet and purr. It’s organic heating pads. Cats don’t bark. They hide from strangers. Cats don’t drool or slobber or lick….much. They choose to stay with you even though they really don’t need you. We have six…SIX. We are actually outnumbered by cats. My husband is a recovering dog person. I totally changed that when we got married. Seen below is one very spoiled tabby cat by the name of Copper….or by the name of Blue Cheese. They actually look so much alike that I’m not sure unless they are kneading my lap. Whichever cat is sleeping very soundly on my husband.


Driving through crunchy leaves and hearing them crunch.
What is it about that? Am I the only one?

Newborn baby.
So much like cats minus hair and teeth. Warm bundles of miniature human. Tiny fingers and toes and hair soft as Angels wings. They smell like heaven. Soft dimply skin with wrinkled little lips. Yeah, I’m done having those but still, they are certainly a positive in life.

Hot tubs.
I always imagine myself as Bugs Bunny in that one cartoon where the cannibal, Pygmy, Indian person (I’m aware of the racist connotations. It was the 80s) is throwing veggies in the cauldron and Bugs eases his fluffy tail down slowly, saying, “Oooooo…..Eeeeeeeee….Ahhhhhhhhh.”

New socks.
I’ve said all along if I win the lottery I’ll burn all my families socks and we will all get new ones. I don’t play the lottery, but still. They aren’t stretched or faded or strings flying out here and there. No frays. No threadbare places. It’s a simple pleasure. Same pleasure can be found in new underwear of any kind.

The exact food you wanted.
You’re craving it. It’s all you can think about and you go to the place and you order the thing and it’s made to perfection and brought to you and it’s divine. Doesn’t matter if it’s McNuggets. If it’s what you wanted and it’s how you wanted it. Divine.

Diffusing essential oil.

Yeah, it’s that good.


A cool pillow.
I need a pillow with built in air conditioning. Can we do that? It’s 2016. That should exist.

When you have that friend.
The one that makes you laugh so hard you wheeze that old man wheeze. Then you both laugh at the old man wheeze. That one that you call the instant you find out good news. They never read it on Facebook first. You’re on the phone with them before posting. That one that you call when it’s bad and you can’t breathe bc you are ugly crying so hard. That one…you know the one. We all need that person.

Now, I hope you can relate to this list of positives and that maybe you’re sitting there grinning and thinking of more things that make you happy.


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