Fantasia. Holes. And Devastation.

Once upon a time….

My son Lennon has had a traumatic past but that’s not what this is about. In fact, at this point he’s had more of his life after the trauma and remembers very little of the events and of the people that caused him undue suffering. This has shaped him though and at this point he’s better for it.

He was in head start, around four years old, and had a friend (let’s call him Keith-just for fun) who had parents in a rough situation. Keith’s parents were into drug abuse and the like and his grandma took him away from them and raised him. Lennon and Keith were very good friends and Lennon thought a lot of the little guy.

One weekend we rented the movie “Fantasia” and the movie “Holes”. Lennon and I were curled on the couch watching “Fantasia” and there is a scene where this baby whale is separated from its parents. Lennon began to get upset. He began to cry. He threw a fit and began screaming that he hated the movie and that I was so mean for making him watch this poor baby whale lost from its parents. I tried to console him with, “watch further though, they find each other!” It didn’t work. He cried until he fell asleep.

When he woke we began watching “Holes”. First of all, y’all need to read the book. It’s a great young adult book. If you don’t know the plot I’m not into spoilers so you can continue reading. There is a character they call “Zero” because they think he’s worth zero. When the character tells his story it’s heartbreaking. His mom left him in a park and never returned. Lennon said, “that is so sad. But it never really happens to anyone.” I said, “you think everyone has a family that loves them?” He shook his little head and I said, “What about Keith?” Lennon hung his head and began to cry for this little friend at school. (Me and my big mouth).

Movie was paused for a brief sobbing session.

Later in the movie there is an interracial couple that the community looks down on. Lennon can’t wrap his mind around it. He keeps asking why, why, why?
I skim around the issue until finally I just say, “A long time ago people thought the color of a persons skin was very important. People that were white didn’t mix with people that were black.”
Lennon says, “But why?”
I answered, “it’s just how things were and people were mean and cruel.”
Lennon, sobbing again, “THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE NIGHT EVER!”

Thankfully now Lennon has learned to subdue his emotions and function like most people but it took years of fine tuning to get him here.

A special note to the girl that wins my little mans heart, if you hurt him things aren’t going to be very pretty.


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