Life Skills

When I was a substitute teacher I was called to sub for a “life skills” class. Now at the risk of sounding incredibly old I’m going to say that when I was in high school life skills was sewing on a button and making biscuits. Needless to say that day “life skills” class was me ranting about how the lessons had nothing to do with actual life skills. I’m no expert on anything but maybe you need this. I don’t know. Maybe someone out there will read this and think. Wait, That is sound advise. Whatever the case may be you’re this far in and I’m about to drop some basic info I have spent thirty some years learning the hard way so you may as well keep reading.

-Anytime is a good time for coffee.

-Leggings are pants.

-Travel is always more fun if you get the window seat.

-When a man (or woman) cheats, you need to walk.
It’s really that simple. It’s hard, you have kids, you have a past. Whatever. If you’re my friend I’ll listen to you talk about him five years after you should’ve walked because I’m a good friend and I love you. But the fact is if he cheats you need to be done.

-Cheating is anything, and I mean ANYTHING, you wouldn’t do or say in front of your spouse. Anything at all. Period. Cheating can be a comment. Cheating can be brushing someone’s arm.

-A kid that has been through divorce is happier than a kid who grows up with parents that hate each other.

-Consistently brush the teeth you want to keep.

-The book better is 99.9% of the time.

-If the shelter has a kitten you do not need to buy one.
Shelter cats, strays, mutt kitties are always appreciative when you take them in and if they aren’t they’ll run away first chance they get.

-When you make a heathy change in your life and someone isn’t happy for you that person is not your friend.

-Don’t throw away receipts.
There are so many times is has screwed me over. Keep that instruction manual and the receipt. Staple them together. Don’t toss them until you toss whatever it was. Trust me.

-Eat good food.
I mean. Good, clean, organic food. Do it for a month. Just commit. Say, “I give myself a month of good food.” If you don’t feel better eat crap the rest of your life. If you do feel better keep it up.

-Cheat on that diet on occasion to remind you why you eat good food.

-When someone blames their problems on other people they will never prosper. Own up when you screw up. Admit it. Say sorry and mean it. Ask how to make it better and never ever blame someone else for something you did.

-Find a job you love.
Work hard at it even when it doesn’t pay off. If you are still happy doing it then you really love it. This is what we call “a calling”. If you can make a career of that job do it.

-Always give your leftovers to the first homeless person you see.
If you are blessed enough to eat anywhere other than home and you happen upon a homeless person hand them your leftovers. If they are hungry enough to eat after a stranger they deserve your leftovers. Say a prayer for them and shake their hand. Anyone who does otherwise or demeans someone for doing so needs a reality check.

-Forgive yourself.
Oh man, that one is hard isn’t it? Forgive the 15 year old you that made a huge mistake. Forgive the 18 year old you that didn’t listen to your parents. Forgive the whatever year old you that did whatever you did. It’s over. It happened. It made you who you are right now. The you reading this. Maybe it hurt like the devil, I don’t know, whatever it was, whatever happened. Let it go and here is the really hard part….do not pick it back up. Do not. DO NOT PICK THAT UP. You pray about it. You forgive yourself. Write, draw, paint, talk, run, whatever. Let it go and do not go back to it. Ever. I know you’ll wake up one day and find that you are holding onto it again for no good reason. You put it down a thousand times. Every time you find it in your smart little head you put that thing back where it came from or so help me you will never grow past it. You are worthy of forgiveness from yourself.

-Maybe this is harder still….forgive others that aren’t sorry.
A few years ago I had a certain person that said some things that cut me so deeply that I still don’t really talk to them unless I absolutely have to. I have forgiven that person because that weight was hard for me to carry and I didn’t want to be bitter. I wish them well. I just wish them well out of my life.

-Learn that forgiving someone is not the same as letting them back in.
I’m going to be honest because it’s what I’m good at, there are very few people that do things to me that I forgive and let into my life again. I can forgive someone for their wrongs and the hurt they’ve costed me. I don’t let them back in to do it again because the trust is gone. I unfriend in real life and we become acquaintances. I hold them at an awkward arms length indefinitely. In my personal experience I have only let one person back into my realm of friendship and even that relationship is changed. I forgave them all but I’m smart enough to remember I had to forgive them.

-Never trust cheap sushi.

-If your friend needs something and you have it to give always give it. Every single time. Give it. No questions, no reserves, no hold backs. Give it.

-Pay. It. Forward.
When it hurts, pay it forward. When it doesn’t, pay it forward . When it’s hard and when it’s easy. Pay it forward. My business is built on those who consistently pay it forward. We believe in it. We fully trust in giving oil samples away like candy. But not just in business, do it in life and do it willingly and with an eager heart. It always comes back to you in one form or another. It may take time but it will.
Every single time it comes back.


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