Chaos in the bathtub. 

Potty training trouble,
Bacteria everywhere, a mom losing her ever loving mind, must be throwback Thursday.


Time to cut the fat

I’ve made this huge choice to have a surgery that terrifies me to the core. This is something I’ve wanted since I was 21 and pregnant and discovered that I didn’t have a cute pregnant tummy. I had skin without much elasticity. I would see pregnant women showing their bellies in ads and at the…

It’s my Act-Scent 

  Once upon a time…. Once while on vacation on a southern barrier island we found ourselves in that comfortable lull of conversation with another vacationing family. We are a family of five and the family had two boys and we were enjoying watching our kids all interact and play. There are many personality differences…

No Place Like Home….

My home is magic.  After leaving last Tuesday for a cross country trip I realized that my home is pure and simple magic. Travel has a cost that isn’t calculate in to airfare and good food. It really takes a toll on the body. There are lots of strangers from every corner of the world…

Travel Anxiety

Have you ever seen Lemony Snicket and A Series Of Unfortunate Events?
My brain works similar to the lady in the house built on stilts. “What if the door knob explodes and a tiny shard of glass gets in my eye?”
Which makes cross country travel interesting to say the least.

My Cousin, Matt

We lived next door to each other and were inseparable as children. Yet, somehow I missed how much Matt did for me growing up.

Monster Cricket

A sleepless night, two terrified kids, a rude cricket, and angry mom. It’s throwback Thursday.