No Place Like Home….

My home is magic. 
After leaving last Tuesday for a cross country trip I realized that my home is pure and simple magic. Travel has a cost that isn’t calculate in to airfare and good food. It really takes a toll on the body. There are lots of strangers from every corner of the world that I interacted with on purpose or by mistake. “Don’t drink the water”, is a phrase I strongly recommend following no matter what location you visit but let’s face it, my pasta was boiled in that water so I’m getting it in one way or another. I shook hands with about four hundred people and down right hugged a bunch more. When I left the art prints for Lennon and Drew in the taxi drivers suv at the airport and he drove all the way back to give them to me I kissed his cheek. That’s right, a big ole smacker right on his face and I gave him a hug. I know my comfy memory foam mattress is amazing but I didn’t know it was that amazing. Spend a few days on a regular spring mattress and you’ll fall in love again with memory foam. And I don’t know about you but any restroom that is not my own is not the same and can’t be trusted. 
My travel is rarely not worth it (I do have a couple horror stories and someday I may tell them but today is not that day). This time the trip was business and despite lack of sleep and clean restrooms it was so worth it. I needed the time. Most of the time was spent working but I have the best job in the world for me so it doesn’t feel like work. Seriously, I ran away with the hippie circus over two years ago and it’s def the best career choice for me. I get to change people’s lives if they let dō terra in. I get to see that happen and it’s really and truly mind blowing. My own oil story is downright awesome. But that’s not what this is about and it’s for another time. I learned a lot this week though and aside from the oily information the following things are travel related life lessons:
Ear plugs. 

Never leave home without ear plugs. I like the gummy kind that plug everything up. My favorite brand is wacky macs. They come in handy in case anyone in your room snores or in case you want to doze on the flight. Plus you can stick one in your nose and make someone laugh. Who doesn’t need to laugh?

Blue tooth and regular, take them both. A lot of the same principles as ear plugs but just in case you score an awesome flight that requires an actual audio plug you gotta have the real deal. Luckily because of sharing oil with the lady next to me on my last leg of air travel she had an extra pair and let me borrow them because I left my real deal ones at home. 
Starbucks drinks. 

Starbucks has a protein drink that I tried this week. It’s pink, it’s in the cooler case, it’s delicious. I have certain dietary needs and protein is absolutely not up for debate. It has to happen. I also may have enjoyed a salted caramel mocha two or three times last week. It’s a limited time flavor and it’s my favorite. I encountered an older rather opinionated gentleman who told me the only way I should ever drink coffee was black when I ordered. I retorted that unless he bought my coffee he couldn’t order for me. We all laughed but I really wasn’t kidding. And sir, If you’re reading this, please don’t give your opinion on other people’s food. It actually has nothing to do with you, not even an iota. In fact, it’s kinda rude. 
While speaking on manners, if on a plane or any confined area with strangers it’s probably never appropriate to discuss politics, religion, sex, or money. It’s even less appropriate to keep at it when asked politely to please lower your voices. If you just so happen to be the lady and two gentleman who made a rather long leg of travel miserable for me and my friends, shame. Shame on you. Shame on your house. Shame on your dog. Your momma would be ashamed. I was ashamed for you.  
I have no advice about restrooms.  

I did all the things right. I drank lots of water. I applied all the oils. I drank the coffee. One of the ladies that went on the trip even did a massage. My only advice there is to find what works. For me a restroom in a hotel room is only to be used when everyone else is MIA and you have the bathroom door locked and the hotel room door bolted and you have all the keys in your possession. Either that or a random bathroom that is packed full of total strangers and busier than a chicken at Easter. Don’t ask me why I’m like that. I can talk about the struggle to anyone but my guts are all, “you fool. Every person you talk to about us well make you wait another half a day for relief”. 

My bathroom at home is magic. I returned to find dirty laundry and those little Dino shaped sponge things that inflate in water all over the bathroom. It didn’t matter that without a single doubt my husband hadn’t cleaned anything in six days. My bottom half was so happy to have its own throne. 
Schedule the next couple days after a long trip for being home if at all possible. 

I’m an extroverted introvert. I like what I do and it involves a lot of public speaking and working with people from all over. Once my public time is over I need introvert time. I need to be alone and process everything. It’s a hypocritical flaw in my nature that I have just come to accept. It’s why when I’m honest about my PTSD or depression people can’t believe me. “I’d never have believed you were like that!”, “But you’re so happy all the time!”, “It can’t be that bad because you’re so outgoing!” In reality I’m very good at disguising those things because I’ve done it my entire life. I need downtime away from the world in order to continue in my (somewhat questionable) sanity. Home is where I recharge. 
Talk to people. 

Engage others. 9/10 you’ll find something in common with them and you may learn something. Don’t not sit next to someone just bc you think they may be chatty. That person may just turn out to be amazing, an artist who has traveled all over the world and will discuss things with you. That person may have had a bad day and need your positivity. 
And on that note, be positive. 

Be the change you wish to see. 

Buy someone coffee. 

Give away your leftovers. 

Show up for those who need you even when you don’t feel like it. 

Eat the local food and be genuine with your server about how pleased you are with it. 

Laugh out loud. 

Take loads of pics. 

Pay it forward. 
Now to roll around in my memory foam mattress after taking a potty break in my own bathroom……Ahhhhhhhh, bliss!


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