Why (ALMOST) everything is an MLM

I work for a multilevel marketing company. (Screams in distance, horrifying shrieks of terror, people scattering in every single direction) and even if you own your own company you also work for an MLM company.


Static. Radio silence. Crickets chirping. 

On deciding to get up after falling down….again.

Unanswered Prayers

Once Upon A Time…. Beginning in second grade I was a devoted wanna be girlfriend of what I thought was the hottest guy in class. I attended a small, quaint school where a large class size was twenty two students and the whole school was well under two hundred students. The teachers were actually great…

I wasn’t ready

Have you ever thought you were ready for something so completely only to have that ideal experience dashed to bits?   Dealing with self worth and the after effects of surgery right now is getting in my head. First of all let me state this isn’t a new emotion for me. I’ve struggled with self…