Why (ALMOST) everything is an MLM

Years ago I sold a type of purse, bag, totes, organizer things. The company had a very sisterhood public view. The women said how they’d all become friends and loved each other and encouraged each other. It was a “faith based” company. I enjoyed the freebies I was allotted and I liked the occasional extra cash. I never really earned enough to cover my costs of doing business in the long run. I did it for years thinking it would grow. The mentality was SELL SELL SELL. Do you like this bag? Well then, you need one in every single color!  Do you have one in every single color? Well then, you need the organizer that goes inside each and every one!

The breaking point was our bi monthly meeting when women that hosted charged us seven bucks each to come and they served dollar store cheese puffs and off brand soft drinks and it was in a venue that did not charge them to set up. They also were given stipends for doing the meeting. They encouraged this false sisterhood and then were territorial over customers. They acted nice. The issue is I’ve been around enough “mean girls” to know them when I see them and just avoid them all together as a whole. They aren’t my friends and never will be. They aren’t people I enjoy. They aren’t people I will financially support if I can avoid it. Those girls will always be there. They’ve been there since the dawn of time and it’s not something I allow in my life. But that’s MLM. Right?  That’s the face of MLM. BUY THIS ITEM FROM ME. ONLY ME. I KNOW EVERYONE ELSE OFFERS THE SAME ITEM BUT I’M SPECIAL SO BUY IT FROM ME. IF YOU BUY FROM SOMEONE ELSE I’M NOT YOU’RE FRIEND ANY LONGER.

Yeah, no.

Recently on a flight this pleasant lady sat next to me and we talked. She asked what I did. I told her, I work for an essential oil company. I said, “I educate people on how to buy and use essential oils for holistic health.” She replied, “you don’t sell anything?” “No, but I’ll give you some samples if you’d like.”  Her reply was, “What a concept! You don’t sell anything!?”   We talked off an on the whole flight and one of the things we discussed was the fact that I don’t chase people. When I stated that I didn’t chase anyone for any reason her entire attitude toward asking me about oil and what I do changed. I said, “I don’t chase people. I don’t chase friends, family, men, business partners, anyone. What I offer in life is worthy of them to pay attention on their own. No chasing needed”. Once she learned I wasn’t going to aggravate her to death about buying anything she was willing to open up and speak to me about how essential oils would change her life.

Folks, that statement is a blessing and a curse. I do not chase anyone. I don’t chase my own family members and beg them to let our kids play. If you want a relationship with your own family you’ll make time. SIMPLE. I don’t chase friends who turn down a coffee date over and over. I don’t text people after so long of getting no response.  I don’t work on someones business who works under me after I haven’t seen or heard from them in months. If you want me to help you’ll do this thing I like to call, SHOW UP. Some people like being chased. So this is where it’s a curse for me.  I don’t enjoy being chased (unless it’s my husband doing the chasing and lets face it he already caught me) and that’s why I don’t chase others. It’s why I cant deal with people that try to get me to switch religion, who I want to vote for, or people that try to get me to donate money.

If I want to switch, I will. If I wanted to vote, I would. If I wanted to donate to a tree of hope or other type of charity, I would (realistically I probably wouldn’t because I like to do things like pay my electric bill and not be homeless).

However MLM gets a bad rap because of “chasers”.

We all know that one person that posts 43 times a day on Facebook about their amazing new makeup and how you need it all and if you comment expect to be stalked. CHASER. We all have that one person that can’t stop talking about how in just 21 days they lost 36 pounds because they drank a magic pink potion that meant they no longer need coffee or naps. CHASER. We have that one woman that wants you to buy sixteen necklaces. CHASER. People, if you chase me I’ll never buy from you.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind other peoples opinions. Not everyone likes what I like and that’s just life. What I dislike is someone knocking on my door every Wednesday while my children and I are in our pj’s hiding and whispering like refugees of some sort because instead of buying bulk meats from a freezer truck I’d rather buy meat from a grocery. I also see that not everyone is going to be head first on alternative medication. I am. I like not going to the doctor and not getting sick very often. I like my body working the way it’s supposed to and not giving my kids medication. I’ve found not many people do. Most people like being sick. They like the attention. They post every single time their child has a runny nose and I want to comment that I gave them the oil to help with that but after so many times I don’t comment.

They like being sick and I will back off. That’s OK, but its not my thing. I’ll just wait for them to see that this works for me and maybe they’ll be ready someday.

Back to my statement about MLM. If you don’t want to be involved with MLM companies you gotta stop buying from Walmart. Walmart makes more money than its product owners. OH, and Target, and Food City, and Hobby Lobby, and Ulta, and McDonalds, and pretty much everywhere you’ve ever thought of. If you buy something there that was sold to them from a company chances are they made money on that. ALSO the cashier made less money than the CEO so that’s another”pyramid scheme”. So you’d need to go to the other company where the product was made. Lets try an example– try to order directly from Burt’s Bees. If you can do that keep in mind the owner of Burt’s Bees was cut out of his own business years ago. Now Clorox owns that company because Burt’s girlfriend took over and sold it to them for a large sum of money. Burt makes enough to live the way he likes to live because he does publicity things for Clorox AKA Burt’s Bees. UM, that’s multi level marketing. Another example– at your local farmers market you get to buy from farmers and they may have people working for them. Those people probably don’t make the same amount of money per product as the farmer. Yeah, that’s MLM.

I also find once people get involved with what I do they are shocked that I actually work. Yeah, I give away samples, I go to people and teach their family, I teach groups, we travel where we are needed, online classes that require prep, phone calls, consultations, messages and questions for my team, I educate myself now more than I did in any formal education setting, the list goes on and on. I do most of it because I love my team members whether they are business builders or just oil users. I want to see them succeed in whatever goal they choose.

I didn’t get here by doing nothing for the last two and a half years and neither did my up line and neither will anyone else. If anyone is ever under that impression they are delusional. Real life does not work that way. I love what I do. I get to set my own schedule which means  I work a lot. I get to be home when I need to be. I really enjoy seeing people change their health, lives, financial status, etc. I love my children not using toxins disguised as deodorant and instead using essential oils  I love not cleaning my home with expensive cancer causing chemicals. I even save a ton of money by using essential oils.

I work for a multi level marketing company. Guess what? Chances are YOU DO TOO!



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