Wonder Woman versus the Instapot 

When people post their daily schedule on Facebook I typically laugh not only is it kinda silly but also because I think, “that’s it? That’s all you did today? And you’re complaining? Or proud? That’s a poor attempt to take on the day!” This isn’t a debate about Facebook posts though. Post whatever. Facebook is…

What love looks like 

I was seventeen the first time my mom nearly died. She had a reaction to a medication that left her in a hospital for issues for days. It was ultimately decided that chronic pancreatitis was the culprit of the long term side effects. I remember my dad waking me past midnight, “your is mom sick….

Curly hair, Do care

Once in high school I had a guy think it was funny to ask why I had pubic hair on my head. Everyone laughed including my friends. I was 14. I was no longer friends with the ones that laughed. Once I had a guy tell me we couldn’t continue to see me because, “girls…

Horrible Halloween

Two Supermen and the mom that finally chose to play the part of a lady.