Horrible Halloween

My son became really interested in Superman costumes when he was three years old. Lennon had one of those inflated swimsuit things with the padding that resembled muscles and he really loved that. So for Halloween he wanted a Superman costume. That year and for a couple more years, my middle, then smallest, child was a fairy. Drew was a tiny child with a terrible immune system and I took three years of advantage and dressed her as a fairy because it looked believable. She really could’ve flown off! Drew didn’t enjoy Halloween. It was too hot or cold. The costumes were itchy. There is walking involved. The candy is never all her favorites. Sometimes she got bug bites. The list of negatives from Drew went on and on.

This particular year Lennon was in head-start and several businesses had arranged for the children to be bused to their facilities and to walk through their offices and gather candy and things. Lennon wore his super man costume and because he was such a fan we had one from the previous year in a size that fit Drew. Drew’s actual costume for actual Halloween was a fairy and it was too delicate for two candy grabbing trips so I decided to let her wear Lennon’s old costume. The reaction was….unexpected.

Lennon woke and got on the bus in normal clothing and I was to bring his costume and dress him before they made their candy rounds. Drew woke later and we began to get ready. It started with her arguing about wearing the costume. “It is a boy costume” and “But why?”, so on and do forth. My personal rule is -no costume-no candy. Which is when the tears began. Her argument was that I was making her look silly in front of people. She claimed no one else would be wearing such nonsense. She was asleep when the bus came and didn’t see the kids on Lennon’s bus dressed in costumes so she really had no idea.

My resolution was to dress up as well but it was a tad last minute. I grabbed a pencil skirt, straightened my natural curly hair, found a button down shirt and made a name tag for “Lois Lane” at the Daily Planet and convinced Drew to go. She didn’t want to and I was met with loads of screaming and tears. You know that moment when you decide to just survive the day? Yeah, before leaving home I had already reached that point.

Once we arrived at the businesses and did our walk through Drew wasn’t sobbing but she was angry. She said thanks, please, and trick or treat. She did the required things but she did so with a terrible scowl. People would see my name tag and comment on how creative our costumes were but she would crumple up her tiny three year old face further and give me a nasty look.

After walking though the local places we went to the park. The kids were playing and the school employees and I sat down to watch. Drew came and sat down beside me and began to eat her candy. I was telling one employee about the morning we’d had and how Drew had acted terrible and how I had struggled to get here. Drew said, “She was trying to make me look silly like a boy.” I said, “But I even dressed up too!” Drew said, “You’re not dressed up. You just tried to look like a normal lady today.” And with that she ran off. I looked at the employee and said, “You know as opposed to the trash I normally look like.” Laughter at my expense was inserted here.

In her defense, she was beautiful no matter what. And when I look back Halloween has never been a favorite holiday of mine anyway.IMG_2714.JPG


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