The Christmas Schedule

Is your holiday schedule anything like this ?
I still love it but….wow.


Christmas shopping (mom) confessions 

I love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. I like it better than my own birthday, mostly because my husband and kids forget my birthday almost every year because none of them have Facebook. My first name is Joy and there is always things that have my name on them this time of year, which I…

Hope for Healing

Here is what’s important to know -my husband knows all that I’m about to say. He’s well aware and a ok with it. Now with that out of the way I’ll continue.  Love is strange. In my life I can say I’ve been in love twice and both items were very different. I’ve had lots…

A Bird in the Hole 

When my two oldest kids were young we lived with my parents. I moved out of my duplex with my (then) husband and into my parents home. My youngest was 18 months when I left and my oldest was two. I’ve said this a few times before but just in case you don’t follow and…