Momma said there’d be days like this…

Last year the leather sectional couch we had insurance on was paid off and we had it inspected because it had a warranty and it was falling apart. We were told in March of 2016 it would be replaced. A big name brand couch that we paid a huge amount of money for was falling apart in our living room. It was not replaced. We have had dates arranged for them to show up with a new couch and no one called or showed up.  We have fought with this company consistently for a year and…….

Hold on right there. I’ll get back to that. 

In the last week:

My PayPal account was hacked and after spending my Friday evening, the only evening I have a few hours alone in my own home every week, was spent on hold for PayPal customer service. I run a home based business in KY and a package was shipped to Oregon that was the exact amount of money I had in the account. I ha no idea why PayPal didn’t see this as a red flag. In the panic of -OH NO IVE EBEEN HACKED!-I deleted all my info and apparently now they can’t process the refund until I can call and sit on hold for another two hours because I have so much free time. 
My sons birthday party was three days ago. For those of you who aren’t parents if you are ever parents, it is such a blessing. I love my children. I hate birthday parties. The clean up. The cooking. The mess. The cake. The chaos. My house has still not recovered. I also lost his gift and destroyed my whole closet before remembering it was hidden in the Christmas items. The closet has not recovered.  Throw in that he got my old iPhone and I had to get a new one and setting them up was just hours of me tapping at a rectangle until we gave up and drove to the nearest Verizon, an hour away because, you know, so much free time.

Three kids. If you’ve never taken responsibility for three kids at one time for five years in a row there is no way you can possibly understand what I’m dealing with. This is always gonna make the list.

I spent two hours on the phone with customer service trying to sort out my bank account and that’s a whole other story. 

Internet service here is possibly the most disgraceful service since dial up. We pay double what others pay and we have such unreliable service. This morning was the pennacle of my frustration for our service provider. During a FB live, which both of my businesses depend on, no one could connect to see what was going on and then the live video was deleted almost immediately. After fifteen minutes of trying to work this out I gave up. While my husband was on the phone with the internet provider and I was looking for the number to call PayPal the furniture truck arrived completely unannounced. 

Our old couch was sitting there piled with Doc McStuffins toys and clean laundry. Our five year old was in her PJs. Both of us were on hold on phone calls. It was sheer and utter chaos. 

The only reasons I’m even able to write this now is coffee, essential oils, and Jesus. 


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