Easter Story 

Spring has hit our family like a sack of quarters in a tube sock. 

Yard work begins, allergy season also begins, our children were gifted a trampoline which means loads of energy is extruded, the days have gotten longer and our kids are taking every advantage to use that time well. We are all tired and cranky and at least one of us has a briar stuck somewhere. School is almost out which means our older two kids are anxious to be released into days of later sleeping and little agendas. We are planning the summer as though we have hit the lottery. It’s comical really. The past two weeks have been full of activity and very little down time. Which means everyone is cranky and our house is a wreck.

This morning though, I thought I had it all together.  I did not. 

It started with me waking up nearly an hour past the time I needed to wake up in order for us to attend our Sunday service at church. I simply made the choice to not rush and go through the morning like a whirlwind. I decided to let the kids sleep.  We all slept, in fact, for over twelve hours. We somehow all slipped into a hibernation of sorts. 

Second was the older two kids at each other’s throats. First Lennon makes an insult and then we hear Drew start saying things like, How dare you say that to me? And, I cannot believe you did that! And then we intervene and everyone assures me things are fine and no one needs wifi privileges removed for the day and how they were sorry.

  Ten stinking seconds later…..same thing again. 

My husband just mutters to let them hash it out. We do. Soon Drew is laughing and Lennon is furious and shaking and having a possible violent meltdown. We separate and talk to each one and neither of us get any of the details. All I know is they are both teenagers and the are both struggling with each other. 

We get ready and go to my husbands family gathering. Lennon did seem to relax after a bit. I assume the whole thing was really mutual aggravation on their part. We play games and we the kids hunt eggs and we eat. 

Story did not want to leave. This week has already been trying. She’s decided she wants to live with her Granny due to the fact that I work too much. She says I’m no fun and I’m either working or tired. She wasn’t  happy about me making her leave. She wasn’t thrilled that she had to take a bath. She begged me to get in with her and I did. She was angry that I washed her hair. There are so many reasons she was angry that I could not keep up. She fought the toothbrush. She fought  the hair brush. 

The best part of this day was her bedtime prayer.

Every night we say our prayer together and tonight was hilarious. 

Dear Lord Jesus, 

Bless our oil team that momma works too much with and won’t play with me. 

Bless my granny even if I can’t live with her. 

Bless our church that mommma made us miss today. 

Bless our mamaw that momma made me leave. 

Bless our cats even though Blue Cheese is gone cause momma probably scared him off. 

Bless our house even though momma isn’t good at cleaning. 

Bless my Easter eggs that momma dropped and busted. 

Bless everyone in the whole wide world except momma. 

Everyone….in the whole world…..except me. 

Happy Easter. 


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