Hei Hei the Plastic Chicken and the Fear of Death

Last night Story, my six year old,  had a little plastic chicken from the movie Moana in her mouth. (If you don’t have kids the chickens name is Hei Hei and he’s a character in the movie. Pronounced “Hey hey” and honestly this story just gets weirder so if that’s too much just stop there). She has a play set and Hei Hei is about the size of a quarter. In the movie one of the characters refer to the chicken as a “boat snack”. I told her not to put things like that in her mouth and told her about a friends son who swallowed a quarter by accident and how they had to wait for him to poop it out and how he eventually had to get a shot to make him sleep and then the dr had to extract it. I went into detail with the story bc I wanted her to stop putting toys in her mouth and it’s been a thing for her the past week or so. I explained that he had to have X-rays and that he couldn’t poop it out. 

At 2:13 am while I was sound asleep Story jerked awake and started screaming “I JUST SWALLOWED HEI HEI!” 
Now, I got her to sleep and We read three books before bed and Hei Hei was no where to be seen. The only thing she had with her was her good ole Knuffle bunny but still, my heart was pounding. 

She had no trouble breathing and was sobbing uncontrollably and holding her throat. 

I said, “I don’t think you swallowed Hei Hei”


So I calmly go to the bathtub where Hei Hei lives and dump out a bin of bath toys and can’t find him. The fear in my very soul was unreal. Then I see Hei Hei stuck in the bottom of the bin…..shew, Thank God. I showed her Hei Hei, the tiny plastic chicken, and it did no good. 
Story is inconsolable and swears she swallowed something and that it is “Hei Hei shaped” and randomly screaming, “BOAT SNACK”. I kept trying to tell her she was fine and probably just had a bad dream but she insisted she needed X-rays to be sure and needed “emergence” and how “I’m gonna die momma. I’m gonna die bc of Hei Hei. I’m so sorry!” I kept telling her she just had a bad dream and how if she’d swallowed something big she would be in pain and not able to breathe. 
At four am I finally drifted back off to sleep, a wet with her tears and other fluids t shirt plastered to my chest. I had to promise to take her to the dr once I get home from work if she still feels like she swallowed something. All night she’d mumble, “not Hei Hei……he’s a boat snack……I’m so sorry momma” into my shoulder. 
Today needs more coffee. 


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