Background Info

I’ve always been a writer.
For or as long as I can remember I’ve written. Stories, poems, tidbits, randomness, dairies, journals, lists…that’s me. Every English teacher that ever paid attention would always inform me to never stop writing.  Every professor in college that taught anything creative always said I should do it. Friends, family, strangers on social media are constantly saying to write a book, start a blog, talk to publishers.
But….I also wonder if it’s bc they know see me write and see how I enjoy it so they encourage it and that makes me doubt my relevance and gift. Or maybe they think my stories are funny bc they know the kids they are about.
I also have have to include that I have anxiety.  Major anxiety that leaves me mentally fried at times. I run a home based business, I teach classes, I have three kids, a home to upkeep, and a raging Netflix marathon addiction, time has been an issue. I mean, that Outlander series won’t read itself!
So. This is me, writing with a nervous feeling and a scared outlook.  What’s the worst that could happen, right?