Wanna talk?

Wanna chat about things and stuff? Need to ask questions about things I know all about? Like how to pack a suitcase or organize a book shelf?  Or what essential oil to use where and when? Need to know the best way to cut a watermelon? Wanna know more about how I embrace my quirky side? I’m sort of an expert at all of those things ☝🏼️☝🏼️☝🏼

You can contact me here:

Honestoilyjoy@gmail.com or just by following and commenting here on this site.

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils my business site is:


And my phone number is:

Yeah, you really thought I was gonna do that huh? Nahhhh, Not going that far.

I’m also on Facebook and currently working on a Facebook page for public use. More on that later.