Wonder Woman versus the Instapot 

When people post their daily schedule on Facebook I typically laugh not only is it kinda silly but also because I think, “that’s it? That’s all you did today? And you’re complaining? Or proud? That’s a poor attempt to take on the day!” This isn’t a debate about Facebook posts though. Post whatever. Facebook is…

What love looks like 

I was seventeen the first time my mom nearly died. She had a reaction to a medication that left her in a hospital for issues for days. It was ultimately decided that chronic pancreatitis was the culprit of the long term side effects. I remember my dad waking me past midnight, “your is mom sick….

Curly hair, Do care

Once in high school I had a guy think it was funny to ask why I had pubic hair on my head. Everyone laughed including my friends. I was 14. I was no longer friends with the ones that laughed. Once I had a guy tell me we couldn’t continue to see me because, “girls…

Horrible Halloween

Two Supermen and the mom that finally chose to play the part of a lady.

Why (ALMOST) everything is an MLM

I work for a multilevel marketing company. (Screams in distance, horrifying shrieks of terror, people scattering in every single direction) and even if you own your own company you also work for an MLM company.

Unanswered Prayers

Once Upon A Time…. Beginning in second grade I was a devoted wanna be girlfriend of what I thought was the hottest guy in class. I attended a small, quaint school where a large class size was twenty two students and the whole school was well under two hundred students. The teachers were actually great…

I wasn’t ready

Have you ever thought you were ready for something so completely only to have that ideal experience dashed to bits?   Dealing with self worth and the after effects of surgery right now is getting in my head. First of all let me state this isn’t a new emotion for me. I’ve struggled with self…

Chaos in the bathtub. 

Potty training trouble,
Bacteria everywhere, a mom losing her ever loving mind, must be throwback Thursday.

Time to cut the fat

I’ve made this huge choice to have a surgery that terrifies me to the core. This is something I’ve wanted since I was 21 and pregnant and discovered that I didn’t have a cute pregnant tummy. I had skin without much elasticity. I would see pregnant women showing their bellies in ads and at the…

It’s my Act-Scent 

  Once upon a time…. Once while on vacation on a southern barrier island we found ourselves in that comfortable lull of conversation with another vacationing family. We are a family of five and the family had two boys and we were enjoying watching our kids all interact and play. There are many personality differences…